High Voltage Tattoo Owner Kat Von D and Ex-husband Oliver Peck has a tattoo territory war in Hollywood

If you are a tattoo lover or a big fan of Miami Ink or LA Ink or London Ink, then you definitely have known Kat Von D, the voluptuous and extremely talented portrait tattoo artist of the said Tattoo Shop and television show. Even being a known artist for these shops, Kat has her own tat shop in Hollywood called High Voltage Tattoo. Recently, there seems to be a tattoo territory war to happening in Hollywood and the war is between Kat Von D and her ex-husband Oliver Peck who had recently launched a tat shop nearby called True Tattoo. You decide whom you want to get your tattoo done. Both definitely are talented and does excellent tattoo.

Story and Photo courtesy of TMZ

Kate Middleton hits the grocery with a simple yet elegant green shawl

Just less than a few weeks after the Royal Wedding the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton hits the grocery store with a simple yet elegant green shawl. The newlywed catches the public’s attention with her cute get up, which includes the shawl as she picks some necessities at Waitrose supermarket. The Duchess wore a white V-neck sweatshirt, skinny jeans, the green shawl, ballet flats, and a pony tail holder round her wrist making her look so down to earth. The stylish shawl is by Minnie, an American knitwear brand.